Young Entrepreneur Henry Patterson who discovered his passion

henry patterson

How It Started

The is the Story of a young entrepreneur, Henry Patterson.

Henry lived in Bedford and he just was like any normal kids in the neighborhood.

Henry started his journey at the age of nine selling candy. He ended the sweets business because he feels it was not the direction he wanted.  He was more passionate about creating new products. He then followed to write the story Not Before Tea when he was 10 (now 14).  Not Before Tea was a reference to the book he had previously written called The adventures of Sherb and Pip. It tells the story of the sweet shop through his wild imagination.

The book went viral. The press loves his story and he created his brand.

The book has since sold thousands of copies when it was first published in 2014. Not Before Tea is currently one of the fastest growing children’s lifestyle brand in the UK.

This gave him the confidence to create more new products. He progresses and brings all the characters which were in the book to life through bags, soft toys, and many others. Now the products are being sold globally.

School Days

Henry spent his early years in adapting at school as he didn’t conform. In school, his teacher tells him he was useless and he didn’t fit in school. Henry was frustrated because he tends to see things differently from other kids.

This makes him rarely being invited to parties and children doesn’t play or interact with him either. He was often lonely but that did not stop him from his entrepreneur journey.

Overcoming His Difficulties

Getting the money to start making the products is very hard. He was lucky to receive grants from the government.  There were a lot of horrible comments from people online talking about him. It was very hurtful but Henry understands that he had to stay positive and carry on moving to manage his business.

And he did it.

He wrote 2 books and founded Not Before Tea and Young and Mighty.

Henry started to speaks on stage at the age of 12 despite having a tendency to stammer a lot whenever he gets nervous. Henry says that his stammer was the result of over concerns about school work and rugby lessons. Sometimes it still comes back whenever he gets nervous.

His periodic speech impediment did not stop him from public speaking. In fact, he took up the challenge to overcome his stammering and talk in front of the likes of top brands such as Facebook, Google and Ted Baker at the O2 Retail Week conference.

“I went on speaking on stage with no notes on hand and the whole presentation lasted for 10 minutes. I had so many amazing comments from the people and it was a brilliant feeling,” he says.

Henry also shared stories and business advice from people he met, such as Sir Richard Branson, Sir Cameron Mackintosh, Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger, Tim Stockdale and many others.

Henry @ NAC

I was lucky to have the opportunity to meet him while he was speaking on stage sharing his experiences in the National Achiever Congress event held in Singapore.

henry patterson

He was sharing the 5 Key Elements for anyone to get started.

  • Find your passion and knows where you are going.
  • Follow your heart and eliminate any noises.
  • Think Bigger. Don’t Think Small.
  • Mixed with friends and family members who supported you.
  • Be passionate and love what you are doing.

He also highlighted how one needs to be patients and pound on the chance when an opportunity strikes you.  An entrepreneur has to be fully prepared, having a laser focus to determine when to start and when to stop, reviewing the progress and planning the next step.

Henry also highlighted 3 Simple but crucial Steps to take note during the execution phase.

  1. Listen & Watch.
  2. Learn and role model.
  3. Act on it immediately.

Opportunity does not wait for anyone. When it comes, grab it fast.  It is better to fail fast and look for alternatives than not doing anything.

*Image Source extracted from SuccessResources@NAC

Giving Back

Henry Young and Mightly provide kids who have an idea or opportunity to help them convert into a reality through the online courses he had created. Young & Mightly aims to encourage kids at his similar age to think far and find their life purpose. Henry hopes to use Young & Mightly to unlock the entrepreneurial potential of all the children who have big dreams to start chasing after it. This is his way of giving back to help kids who were in the same situation as him before.

In Young and Mighty, Henry tells his story about the difficulties he faced in school, how he overcame his stammer, why he started Not Before Tea and the lessons he learned along the way.

“I always received negative comments from parents telling me that I should not be thinking about money and business at my age. I disagree. I have met and spoken to lots of people who didn’t think about it even after they left school and were overwhelmed when reality kicks it,” he says.

Stay Balanced

Despite Henry’s success, Rebecca, his mum will constantly ensure he is well balanced in managing in between his business and schoolwork.

“We work closely with his school and they were very supportive. Henry will bring his work with him to events. He’ll do it during his free time while waiting for his turns or after a presentation. The deal for Henry to carry on his business is that he needs to keep up-to-date with his schoolwork,” Rebecca says.

Having so much success in his business, how does Henry handle it? Rebecca believes that Henry has managed it quite well.

“He’s very modest. He normally does not talk about his business unless someone asked. People are always surprised at how humble he is.”

Like most 14-year-olds, it is still the little things which excite him. “I stayed in a very smart hotel too, so it really was a trip to remember,” he adds.

Are there any other young entrepreneur that you know of?

Comment and share your views below if Henry story has inspired you.


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