What To Expect Of During Pregnancy

The New Beginning Of Pregnancy

Expecting a baby is a joyful and memorable experience for a woman, going through the different trimester stages. For first time mummy to be you will often be filled with fear, anticipation, and anxiety. It is perfectly normal.

During pregnancy, mummy body started to experience series of change such as increase of blood supply. The body heartbeat beats at a much faster pace. The lungs expand and providing more oxygen and up to 7 liters fluid will be circulating around the entire body.


Mummy body tends to work harder than usual but yet eliminating of waste slow down.  This results to constipation. The metabolic rate increases to as much as 20% prior to pre-pregnancy.

Having the right knowledge and education helps encourage mummy-to-be to have better confidence during pregnancy.

ParenthoodWay was created to dispel ancient myths and uncover the truth using simple and clear description to empower mummy what to expect during labor and delivery so every parent will get to enjoy the journey from singlehood into parenthood.

We do like your views as well and share it here with us so that other mummy and daddy will benefit greatly from it.




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