What is the Number one thing parent is fearful of?

The Fear of Parents

Do you ever wonder what is the first thing parents is fearful of when it comes to their children?

It’s the safety of the children which matters the most.

Did you know;

The moment our little one starts to learn to crawl and walk, safety preparations should begin immediately.
Parents should place great emphasis on using quality protection products for best protection coverage.

A baby by natural is very curious about everything. Baby starts their exploration at 6 months onwards. The use of their 5 senses of touch is an essential aid in their development.

Ensuring all safety precautions are taken into consideration is the responsibility of parents, so that our little one can freely explore the environment freely and safely. We will not be able to always react in time to prevent accidents from happening.

By not having any safety measures in place it greatly compromises the safety of the children well-being.


One of the most effective is the use of a Baby Safety Protective strip.

There is various type of Baby Safety Protective Strip available on the market.  The 2 Most common types are the L-shape Protective Strip and the U shape Protective Strip.


U-Protective Strip


L-Protective Strip


What are the advantages of using protective strip:

1. It can be used for covering table or desk corner or edge.

2. Impact greatly reduced, minimizing serious injuries.

3. It is more durable and environmental friendly.

4. The soft, flexible and non-slip makes it easy to cut and to replace to customize it.

5. It can be used in the sharp surface of furniture, corners and home appliances.


And if you decided to remove the protective strip without damaging your furniture, below is a good removal tip for you.


To minimize the possibility of children accident, the ONLY way is to Implement (PAF) Preventative Action First) method rather than corrective action on the consequences after accidents happen. This is surely a better way to ensure your child are well protected.

Creating a safe and sound environment for your toddler to expand their mind, watching them growing day by day is a joyful moment of the lifetimes for all parents.


We would strongly encourage whoever is reading this article including parents, grandparents, teachers, and friends to do your part to share and encourage PAF to people close to you. Everyone can make a huge impact in creating a wonderful community for our young generation to interact and have fun.

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