What Every Parents should know – Left Brain & Right Brain

Which is Better, Left Brain or Right Brain? 

Have you ever been concerned whether you kids are stronger which side of the brain, left or right? As parents, we will always want our kids to have the best possible ways to reach greater heights, so that they be able to survive and prepare for their adulthood to achieve greater success in the new millennial. There has been numerous research done to determine both their unique characteristic. Are you ready to find out whether you are a left brainer or right brainer?

Are you ready to find out whether you are a left brainer or right brainer?


The Actual Consciousness of the Left Brain 

Left brainer has generally been said to excel in math, analytical skill, languages and logical thinking.

How Does Left brain learn?

The Left brain process pieces of information one by one at a low speed, understanding each information using words. The left side of the brain is responsible in controlling your right side of the body


The Potential Consciousness of the Right Brain

The right brain loves and works very well using images. A person who is a right brainer is said to be better in creativity, good in music and expressing emotion.

How does Right brain learn?

An expanded right brain will automatically process at tremendous speed reading a large amount of information. A toddler up to the age of 6 years old can expand their brain capacity through various stimuli so that the toddler will be able to more effective use them freely. The right brain controls your left side of the body.

The Answer?

There were test been conducted to proof the theory to determine if they prefer to use either side of the brain. Results show while some activity was higher in certain regions, participants mainly were using both sides of the brain quite equally on average. Language tends to be on left, attention on the right.

So in actual fact, neuroscientists have verified that the 2 sides of the brain actually collaborate and communicate to perform tasks and activities. Both left brain and left brain have their own purpose. A human cannot only depend on one side of the brain to function. The important thing is for parents is to better understand the strength your kids has and to work towards that and improve it.




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