4 Simple Steps to Prepare for Parenthood

The Early stage of the Journey…

Have you ever imagine how will life be with a new additional member in the family?  Parents-to-be will experiences different kinds of feelings drifting in their minds. Some will be getting excited to welcome such a wonderful and blessing moment, while some will have negative doubts and uncertainty on what will are the consequences of having a newborn baby;

“Am I prepare for This? How can I cope with my newborn Baby? What should be the right ways for their upbringing  “

We all have FEAR when there is change, because when there is change it means getting out of your COMFORT ZONE and realigning yourself with the new life. Majority of us are not prepared for a major change in life, such as parenthood. It is not because people are unable to adapt, but because people are Scare in adapting changes.

Fear comes to our minds because we are scare, unsure of how to handle the situations when your newborn arrives to this world. People will start to find various ways to escape from the reality instead of finding means and ways to resolve it. This is how our mind works.

How to overcome Fear of Parenthood ?

To overcome Fear, first we will need to overcome the obstacle in our mind. When you are able to clear the obstacle you will be able to have a better clarity on parenthood.

I will be showing you the 4 Steps Techniques you can use to better prepare mentally in embarking into the Parenthood journey.

  1. Ask yourself what would be the Worst Case Scenario that could happen having a newborn?
  2. Brainstorm One Positive outcome that you feel will makes you more happier as a family.
  3. What are the Challenges into getting resolution to resolve the worst case scenario” ?
  4. 99 percent of what you are worrying about DOES NOT HAPPENED !

You have foresee your worst case scenario.

You knows the One Positive Outcome you can get.

You already brainstormed the challenges to managing the worst case scenario.

Importantly, you understand the concept that most of your worries ( worst case scenario) does not happened, but you will received the One Positive Outcome that makes you happier.

So, If you can resolve your worst case scenario and 99 percent of the time it does not happened, yet you will received positive outcome and giving you a better family life, what is there to be concern about when reaching parenthood as long as you follow the steps to manage your mindset.

Getting into Parenthood can only have joy, its Fun and entertaining!







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