The Lifelong lesson Parent can Learn From Toddler

Toddler started to walk by herself

My 14 months old girl finally learnt how to walk herself! 

As you become parents, one of the most fulfilling milestones in parenthood life is when your toddler starts learning to walk. The study shows most babies requires roughly 1,000 hours of practice from the time they started to be able to pull themselves upright to the time they are able to walk without any support. Through this experience, it has provided me a lifelong lesson to learn from her.

The number one criteria for a toddler in learning to walk is building a strong back muscle, which toddler will start developing during the process of lifting their heads while lying on their tummies.

Toddler will go through 3 stages during the process of learning to walk.

Stage 1: Sitting up

Sitting upright and pulling themselves to a standing position by themselves.

Stage 2: Standing upright

Once they are able to Stand up, walk with her and periodically let go of one hand so she can experiment with balancing.

Stage 3: Cruising around

Once she has mastered the art of standing, you can expect to see handprints all over the house as she cruises from the wall to a chair to the coffee table.

Finally, through repeated encouragement from us in consistently encouraging her to keep walking by herself, through multiple failures of falling down and picking herself up, clover, my little girl finally found the courage to walk by herself independently. and with confidence. She has been empowered the skill of walking. Now she walks like a champ overnight. The whole journey took roughly 8 months.

Through the process of walking enlightens me in many important aspects of life during parenthood times which can relate to our adult life.

We are not born talent during birth.

As a child, they are pure ignorance and innocence. They do not have limitations, and they do not understand the word called failure. What they have is purely taking action in doing that particular task (learning to walk in this case) in their mind consistently and repeatedly until they attained their desire.

“There is no limitation in life, the only limitation is not taking any action.”

This should also apply to us as an adult. To become an expert in a particular skill or expertise, we need to first build a strong foundation by spending hours of constant practicing at different stages over and over again to acquire the skill. Just like how Clover spends 1000 over hours to acquire the skill of knowing how to walk.

“To become an expert, you need consistency. “

Clover never fails to pick herself up whenever she falls while learning to walk. She just never gave up.

There will always be a time when we are faced with multiple setbacks. Instead of being discouraged and getting stress up over for not doing things right, why not take up the courage to analyze the issue and finding an alternative solution to rectify it. What you need is to get things moving first and fast, while not trying to find a perfect solution before you can apply it.

Whenever facing difficulties and obstacles in our lives, set your mind to think like when you are still a baby. Don’t be afraid to fail. overcoming problems makes us stronger as a person. It enables us to grow and learn faster than people who don’t make mistakes.

“Failure is the milestones in attaining success.”

During the time clover is in the process of learning to walk, we consistently show her how to bend her knees and sitting down without toppling over. I hold her hand to help her balance herself while she walks. Then we get her in trying to walk herself while offering lots of encouragement to her.

“Everyone needs mentors to provide guidance, to encourages us and learns from.”

Clover took 8 months to get to the different stages of sitting, standing, cruising and finally learnt to walk. What this has made me aware is that success is not achieved overnight.

“Success is pure persistence of pursuing for your desire,

Courage to overcome your own fear of failure,

And Taking massive action to attain the results “

Being a parent, it is not only about taking care of your children health and education. You also learn stuffs from them in many different ways through the process.

Becoming a parent has taught me many lessons in life which have made me a better person, knowing the importance of patience, how failures lead to success and much more.

We grow and learn with our children together

This the way of living the parenthoodway lifestyle!

Do share your view on what lesson have you learned from your child by posting the comment session below.



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