About Me

Hi, this is Kai here and I am a husband and a father of 2 beautiful daughters.

When you are single you have all the time in the world to do the things you like, you can afford to stay out late at night with your friends, going for long holidays or working till late night and over weekend. But life changed drastically the moment you steps into marriage, building up your home and going into parenthood when you had your first new born.

Going into parenthood is doesn’t just about the baby, it is also about handing your emotion of becoming a parent, the family member around you, the time management to getting things done. Its a whole new world.

Taking care of your new born, turning to toddler, going to school and reaching a stage where they starts to have their own thoughts and handling them is never an easy task. It will needs lots of patience and communication to resolve problem and issue.  As I am going through tonnes of problems, conflicts and quarrel,  I decided to find a solution to it. I then started constantly googling online to understand The Way of upbringing kids, understanding their needs as well as improving communication within the family. It made me realised that each individual has different habits, thinking and interest which are all unique.

It has since become a passion and a joy for me to share my experiences to new parents who are just about to step into parenthood to better prepared emotional, getting the knowledge to groom and nurture your new born and have a healthy family lifestyle.

Please feel free to ask me on any queries you may have and I really do appreciate you can share your experiences so that other people will benefit from it. I be more than happy to share and answer your queries on the comments.

Lets play a part to create a community to empower all parents to the ParentHoodWay and creates a NewGen Family lifestyle.