6 Natural Ways To Foster Children To Think And Grow Creativity

The Internet Era

Since the BOOMING of the Internet world, people became addicted to surfing the internet searching for media and watching videos online. This is happening right now in most adults and children, especially the children. People have been more focusing online than doing other interactive outdoor activities with families and friends.

WHY is this happening?

we are all guilty of allowing our kids to be exposed to the internet at a very young age. YouTube is an easy way to gets your children to stay put and concentrate for a long period

Parents tend to often tend to let kids and toddlers spending hours and hours watching YouTube on IPad or Mobile phone, either because they have no time for them or they did not have activities for them.

What You Can Do to improve

A toddler learns most effectively via physical interaction with other people through facial expression, communication, and body language. Intensive YouTube screen could result in delaying the ability to speak and greatly reduces the attention span whenever they are not on screen.

The 6 Natural ways

Naturally, children learn more when they interact with parents. Here are the 6 Natural Ways To Foster children To Think And Grow Creativity.

YouTube video is educational but limit your children to 1 – 2 hours of viewing time. YouTube does have lots of great content which allows children to be exposed to phonics and songs that help them in learning. Spending too much time

Experts have done numerous research on children who had been exposed to prolonged screen viewing has resulted in the development of growth in term of speech, languages, reading skill as well as short-term memory. Prolong screening also reduces children attention span. They tend to get cranky whenever the not on YouTube.

So long the time spend on YouTube video is limited to about 1-2 hour a day, it is perfectly fine. YouTube video is a very addictive medium. I’m quite sure you don’t want your child to become another YouTube addicted at a young age.


Start letting your children listen to music and musical instrument. Music is a powerful way to help your child develop the creativity and enhancing the brain power. A study shows that children who have an interest in music or musical instruments have been Getting Better Academics Results than those who did not.


Music also enhances children memory and attention spam whenever they are memorizing musical keynotes and playing or singing a song. Sing along together with the children helps them to feel more comfortable, building up the confidence to be able to sing in front of audiences.


Getting various interactive art and crafts toys such as the Creative 3D Art Puzzle to allows the children to have more hands-on interaction. The 3D foam puzzle assists in developing children hands-on motor skill, creativity, and imagination. It also develops the children patiently and focuses while they are doing the artwork. It allows the children to learn various shape and sizes while sticking onto the cardboard as well as the colors.

Spending time together with your child and DIY the hands-on 3D Art Puzzle also creates stronger bonding and more willingness for the child to finish the artwork. Children love praises when they did something right. And when they get praises they tend to do more. The more they do, the better they get and you see the effect of them thinking out of the box to look for different ideas how to use the different shapes foam to stick onto the cardboard. The finished product of the 3D Art Puzzle is an artwork which the child can keep it as a decoration or trophy.

Encourage your children to engage in role-playing or helping out with the household chores. Offer them opportunities to become the cashier and collect money, a doctor to hear your heartbeat or become an explorer in search of an adventure. Parents will be surprised at how much creativity and imagination children mind can get into role-playing games.

You may also realize that children tend to role model after people they are closest to. Try assigning basic daily household chores such as wiping the floor, folding their own clothes and keeping the toys after playing. This is enforced self-discipline and personally responsibilities for their own action.


Having daily bedtime storytelling with the children allows them to adopt an interest in books and reading habits. Children love story because storytelling constantly keeps the mind occupied with the scenario on what will happen next to that particular character. It is a very engaging moment between the children and parents to build up a better relationship.

Dear Zoo
The initial first 36 months of a child’s brain development are crucial and reading to the child early set an important foundation for better literacy skills when children are at a later age. Children exposed to language at a very young help in developing life-long capacity in learning the language(McGill University, 2002).

Making reading become a part of the daily life for your children and see how they grow and develop.


Starting a Saving Habit early allows your child to start having awareness of what is money and its value. By giving them a certain amount of money and then deposit into the piggy bank daily allows them to see that the more money they accumulate, the more they will have thereafter.

Mini Piggy Bank Safe
They will be allowed to spend some ( 1/10) for things they like if they wish to. And if they spend, they need to understand that the money gets lesser in the piggy bank.

This can help to develop the child mindset of being a Good Money Manager and not a Good Money Spender.


What Parents Hope For

Every parent wants the kids to be better in the education and learning so that they will be able to adapt better to adulthood life.

Take the opportunity to Get Away from the internet, from Facebook, Google, Instagram, Whatsapp and allocate more time to give your kids the precious moment to experiences creative learning together and see the differences.

Please share this with your friends or family member who have kids at home to kick-start the children to think and grow creativity now!

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Hopes you guys enjoy the content and happy reading!


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