10 Amazing Tips To Develop Good Reading Habits For Kids

develop reading habits

Do you realize that children tend to have a very short attention span and focus?

To help the kids increase their attention span in reading, parents have to spend time with them and engage with various activities.  Storytelling is one way to kickstart a reading habit.

Now, why should adopting a good reading habit be important?

It is because reading is an excellent way to let children develop their speaking, languages and most self-made millionaires read a lot of books in their lifetime.

Here are the 10 amazing tips for parents to develop good reading habits for kids so that it becomes an auto-suggestion int their subconscious mind.

Interactive Lift-The-Flap Book

Children of all ages tend to learn to better motor skill. Using Lift-the-flap book helps children by

creating an interest in books and reading. The interactive hands-on segment of the books brings the stories’ life and engaging for the children to explore and have fun.

Flash Cards for Linking Memories

The use of Flashcards is a popular method to aids children in enhancing their right brains memories and creativity. You can either flash the flashcard at a fast pace to your children or link them up and create a storyline and tells it to the children. The story needs to be as hilarious and exaggerated as possible. This enables the child brains to visualize each and every individual card as well s the storyline better.

Arrange the flashcard according to sequences and start linking the story. Then put the card face down and begin opening up one at a time in sequence and begins telling the story again to your kids. You can also get them to follow along with you.

Variation Pitch And Tones

During storytelling, it is good to be more expressive by having a variation of pitch and tone of voice as much as possible. This attracts the child attention and interest in the story.  Using different tones to express different emotion on how the character feels such as being sad, angry, sympathetic, happy or joyful. It creates an emotional link between the character and the child who is listening to the story.

Imagine you are watching a movie and the actor is using a monotone voice to act throughout the film.

How will you rate the film and the actor acting?

Exaggerated Storytelling

Act it out as much as possible while reading to your kids. Children like to be engaged in role-playing. Getting the them to participate in the role-playing during storytelling expands the child imagination and encourage them to open up and be more expressive.

The more exaggerating parents get during storytelling, it creates better engagement with the children and they will experience more fun and enjoyable experiences.

Forming Daily Habit

Make reading become an essential part of a child daily bedtime routine by reading to them every day. The end result is to forms a habit such that the kids will subconsciously ask the parent to read the books to them. It is more productive to read 10-15 minutes daily than reading 1-2hours one day, stopped for a couple of days before reading to them again for another long period.

Remember, forming a habit is about all about consistency and not being intensive. The ultimate goal is to adapt reading to your child so that it becomes integrated into their daily life.

Ask Questions & Write It Down

Asking questions enhances the interaction between parents and the kids. This makes them be able to concentrate better and stays focus. It is also an effective way to identify if the kid knows what they are hearing.

When the kids finished reading a book, parents can ask the kid to write down on paper what they have learned. Writing down helps them to remember better

Questions and writing down things learn to encourage the kid’s to put on their thinking cap and keeps their mind engaged.

You will be impressed by all the amazing things a child can show you.

Bring A Book Out

Nowadays, whenever I go out I would bring at least one book to read whenever I am free,  keeping me temporary away from the mobile phone for a period. The same can be applied to the kids. Instead of letting them being occupied with all the YouTube channels, give them a book to read during traveling time or when there is a break time.

Spending more time reading books is definitely more beneficial to the kids than giving them screening time.


The Magic Finger

Magic finger is a technique to assist the child in speed reading development.

Guide your kids using your magic fingers and point them to the exact picture or words while reading aloud to them. This helps them to stay on track which part you are at right now and so that they won’t fall behind. Being able to follow according to the speed increase their attention span.

Then, slowly increase the reading speed once you feel they can follow up. The faster they can follow, the faster they will be able to read in the future.

Let’s Go Library

Making an effect to bring your children out to the library once a week. The library has tonnes of different books with a very conducive atmosphere to get children to start reading. Having a greater the exposure a child is to something, the more they will like and do.

Creating A Reading Corner

Create a mini-library corner having a bookshelf that is filled with books in your child’s bedroom. Whenever they are free, they can go to their own private reading corner to pick up a book and start reading. Having their own private mini library encourages the child to want to read more frequently than ever as the books are within their reach.

Make Reading Natural And Fun For The Kids

It does take parents a lot of time, patience and persistence to develop good reading habits for kids. Do always encourage your child to read and allocate at least 10-15 minutes daily and read together with them.

The most important thing parents need to remember is not to force your child to read if they don’t want to. This will only make the child dislike reading. Take things one step at a time. As parent spend more time to read to the kids, they are more willing to enjoy reading.

Parents who have a habit of reading tend to have kids have who love reading as well. Children role model similar habits from people who are closest to them.

We hope to hear your comments on the post. Do share with us if there are other better ways and comment below.

Thank you for reading. 🙂



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